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05-29-2000, 07:40 AM

On the main page of ideaworks, they have a flashmovie that showes a 3dtv with "Bitmap textuers". So i thought how did they do that? so i maild some friends that had all the difrent 3d vector programs,like Vecta3d-max Plug-in, Vecta3d satndalone and swift3d.. and no one of them had any idea how to do it.. plz if enyone know how to do this plz tell me.. THanks for your time.

P.S u find the link here..

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05-30-2000, 11:01 AM
It was "faked". If you look closely at that cube you can see it's NOT in perspective... What I mean is as the parts of the TV go "back" into space they don't get smaller... I bet someone just rendered a cube and then spend some time skewing and positioning those bit maps on there and then they just tinted them to match the cube to make it.

It's actually quite nice... hmmmmm....

06-21-2000, 03:36 PM
I have done some 3d stuff with bitmaps and yes its a boring case of aligning bitmaps with your 3d object. If its moving it can hide all sorts of stuff like the not quite perfect perspective in bitmaps.

2 tricks

you can make masks from swift3d output (use flat shading its quicker), with bitmaps below alignment is even less critical, skewing bitmaps in flash well is no fun. You can break apart the swift output to make masks for each face of the object.

second, if you export an appropriate color with hilitesfrom swift 3d you can place it above the bitmaps, adjust the alpha so that the bitmaps are visible but the highlites etc of the swift output give it that added realism.

of course its only good for small stuff, big bitmap animations make horrible file sizes