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10-07-2000, 12:44 PM
this question doesn't relate directly to the swf format , but this is the only flash related board I've found where someone might understand my question.

is there a accessible mechanism for writing to the standard input of the flash player or directing stdout ?
- MM's version not one which I might build & preferably by interacting with the player directly , not through live connect or the browser

I realize that various combinations of FS Commands , js, vbs, activeX etc.. can be used to exchange data with external processes but this is very limited.

for instance, is it possible to wrap the player w/ TCL, or another language, and pipe data in and out ? I know that live connect enables javascript wrappers of java apps - does swLive Connect prevent this ?!?

I've inquired with MM's people on this before & they harp on security in a way that suggests they don't really understand what I'm asking - or assume that this is an extraordinary capability.

any pointers will be appreciated - I'm attempting to get my hands on the FP SDK as well, but would love to be able to start without it.