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08-14-2002, 09:52 AM
Can FSC even compare to Net Meeting when talking about program sharing? Is Program Sharing even something you can do in FSC? If not, MM has got to come up with it... If so... TELL ME HOW.

Any info would be great,

This is what Net Meeting (Program Sharing Specifically) says:
__________________________________________________ _______
<u>Program Sharing</u>
NetMeeting gives you better control over how shared programs are displayed on your desktop, and gives the person sharing the program control over who uses it.

With NetMeeting's program sharing feature, you can:

View shared programs in a frame, which makes it easy to distinguish between shared and local applications on your desktop.

Minimize the shared program frame and do other work if you do not need to work in the current conference program.

Easily switch between shared programs using the shared program taskbar.

Choose to allow one person to work in the shared program at a time.

Approve conference participants' requests to work in the program you introduce.

Allow or prevent others from working in a program using the Sharing dialog box.
__________________________________________________ _______

08-14-2002, 07:33 PM
Unfortunately it cannot do program-sharing. :(

But I don't really seeing it being a replacement for netMeeting. There is another post here, where I voiced my opinion:





08-15-2002, 10:20 AM
Originally posted by psychlonex
Unfortunately it cannot do program-sharing. :(

But I don't really seeing it being a replacement for netMeeting. There is another post here, where I voiced my opinion:


I checked with MM on this and they say that you can do Program Sharing with a little extra help from a seperate product. Camtasia is a product they use ($50) to turn your video input = into = screen input. Instead of feeding images from your video camera, there is a setting in FlashComm that lets you "switch" to camtasia output. (Takes pics of your screen and sends it to the flash movie instead of your video cam unit doing so).


The post is in MM under Flash Comm. Named "Application Screen Sharing" or something like that. (i didn't start the post though).

One thing they also just said was that Flash Comm has a limit to the video output it can send... = 320 x 240... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY must it be so small!!!

I'm definitly on the same page as you PSY: I know that FlashComm wasn't supposed to blow NetMeeting out of the water, and that its not meant for this kind of stuff, but i'm a flasher! I wanted to believe so much that it would work!!! I'm heading right for the "wish list" page of MM to get them to pump that mini-me screen up to at least 640x480.

That stat right there pisses me OFF!! How can you utilize this technology to perform business tasks such as online presentations of web software (to clients) when all you get to show is a "mini-me" 320 x 240! Ok i'm a big baby that wants FlashComm to do EVERYTHING for me, and answer all my questions.


But it can be done; and in fact, the person who has it working like this:

Robert Reinhardt
Lead co-author of the Flash Bible series and the forthcoming ActionScript Bible
Co-principal @ [theMAKERS], Los Angeles, CA

Showed me a little demo yesterday. He is set up to show you this thing. I shot him an email and asked him to show me. and he emailed me back, told me to go to his site, we connected, and he "enlightened me".

Hope this gives some good and correct info to people looking to do SHTUFF like this.