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08-22-2002, 05:55 PM
ok - we are beginning a redesign of my company's website. i would like to incorporate one of our television commercials into the intro flash page. we will be using flash 5 at this time (hopefully we'll eventually move to mx to avoid future problems like this.) i will have in my hands either an .avi or .mpg file with the commercial. i've toyed around with transforming these files into .mov using "flix" - i'm not finding the quality to be that great. is there anything out there that will make the video imported into the flash movie look exactly like the .mpg/.avi?

the inro flash page will be a combination of flash movie with .html background. how big can i make this movie without causing the world's computers to totally conk out? it's a 33-second video...

again - thanks for any advice - i'm more of an applications builder/graphic designer than flash whiz (at this time - that will change i hope.) help?

08-22-2002, 06:41 PM
I take it back, I was testing with publish as Flash 5, but it used the Flash 6 player. The Flash 5 Player will only play the sound. Try Flix again, or FlashAnts.

Well I just tested this in Flash 5, and it worked.

You may want to try Sorenson's Sqeeze for MX if you're not happy with Flix. http://www.sorenson.com Although I'm sure that if you contacted JonathonB at Flix he could give you some pointers on how to improve the quality.

Anyway, I converted a .mov to .swf with Squeeze MX then imported it to Flash 5 on a level with...

loadMovieNum("test.swf", 1);

...and it worked just fine. Sorenson will give you great control over your compression settings, but keep in mind it's pretty tough to match the kind of quality you have in mind no matter how you do it.

The one other option is to use a javaScript popup or a frame with QT embedded on the same page.

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08-22-2002, 09:57 PM
i am in agreement with wheels that u need to remember
that you are not goin to get the same quality as the orginal
and still get a could file size compression,
it is just part of the nature of the medium, though the quality is improving all the time.

08-23-2002, 01:14 AM
An avi is the pc version of a .mov Your wasting your time and double compressing converting to .mov and then to swf.

Im sure squeeze must import .avi files but before you go converting to swf take into consideration that the flash player is ram hungry. ie: 3mb clip = about 100mb of ram consumed. This is not an SV problem its a problem of any swf video (dont know about mx).

Our test PC with 96MB of Ram would crash at about 30 sec of 320 x 240 300kbps play time. If your going to convert to swf you need a software that adds memory management.

At 30 seconds I would say file size is going to be less of a problem though as always give dial ups (and everyone else for that matter) a chance to skip the intro.

check out some SV samples here http://www.mantaproductions.com/demo.html most people polled rated them high in quality.

SV stands for simulated video- Sequences of Images


08-23-2002, 10:47 AM
thanks whiterabbit - i looked at the manta site and that's exactly what i want this commercial to look like! what is the "swf optimzer software" you reference in the sv bible? feel free to email me directly - or via message board is fine - my direct email is pharrison@daveandbusters.com

thanks to all!!!