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08-31-2002, 07:56 PM
Ahh.. This server is awesome. How does it compare (speed-wise) to sending raw data through XML. And what is the fast form of sending data with flashcomm? Client/NetConnection.call??

What function can be used to store and object or possibly write a file on a flash comm server? Is there a way to make the shared object save to the server, and not be deleted when the server shuts down? or maybe a way to write a text/xml file or anything?
I'm terribly stumped :(

Thanks in advance,

08-31-2002, 09:38 PM
Hey Somar!
To make a shared-object stay when the server is shut down, simply set it's persistance to true.

my_so = SharedObject.getRemote("my_soName",connection.uri,true);

I believe flashcomm is faster than xml, but haven't really looked at the packets to prove it. My complaint with xml is that there is alot of extra stuff that must be sent, just by nature of xml. Ie.. all the tags needed to make it xml.

I believe there isn't much difference in speed with netConnection.call vs onSync, etc.

Ps - sorry I've so non-existent for project hybrid! I've got way too much work to do at the moment.. hopefully I'll get a break in a few weeks.


08-31-2002, 11:52 PM
Hey john!
Uh. Thanks! What's your AIM/MSN/ICQ/IRC CHAN/whatever