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09-09-2002, 06:29 PM
Ok all,

would someone tell me just how good Flash MX streaming video is??

I have been using Wildform to create streamable files over the last year, and have built several Players using flash 5 ActionScript that allow control over drag and drop playlists and basically act as Windows Media / Quicktime / or Reel players.

I can compress my storage of data down hugely from that which would have been required had i been using any of the 3 afore mentioned stand alone players.

Wildform DSL quality is fairly good as is the ISDN and even the 56k preset is pretty comparable to most of the internet video stream on the web.

So my question remains then just how good is MX video stream - Last i heard, the compression was good, but there was not the ability to create files set to stream over desired internet connections.

I have heard that Communication Server, although being "Generator" like in price, can perform huge compressions and still produce fantastic quality to allow 56k stream

Maybe this is the wrong forum for this, but does anyone have any views on this

Thanks in advance

would love opinions in masses!!!!