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09-27-2002, 01:16 AM
I've come across a situation with flash, which has our team really stuck. Our end products looks like this. Its an 2 metre interactive rear projected touch screen which uses lasers to trigger flashMX full screen video content.

We have a P4 running 80mbs SCSI HDD, but our video seems to run slow, chunk up badly. We recorded the footage using DVcam. Each video is around 3-5 minutes long. Converted from DV to flash.

The resolution/frame rate of the flash movie is 800x600/ 20FPS. The swf runs of these HDD drives. Not off high speed CD or a dsl.

As a whole process, or production exercise, from capture to viewing what would be recommended.

1/ Avoid resizing the DV video (768x548) to fill the 800x600 (will non 4:3 aspect ratio slow algorithms down)

2/ try and match the frame rate of video before importing into flash (how important is frame rate sync?)

3/ Save as mov, and link, or import/export & use flv

4/ Drop the frame rate of everything to 15fps

5/ Increase the buffer beyong 500kbs (does soronsen spark & wildform offer/ do this with great results)

Any hints would be grand.

09-27-2002, 02:14 PM
Extra large videos played at high frame speeds can cause processing problems with the Flash player. What is the processor speed of your computer and how much ram does it have?
What are the size of the video files you are working with?
Have you done a processor test (through the task manager) and watched what your processor is doing while it is loading and playing the videos? That may give you some insight into where the problems are occuring.
Regarding your questions:
1. Resizing the video should not cause a problem.
2. Matching framerate is primarily an issue that affects audio sync. You should make sure your video framerate is a factor of your source video framerate.
3. You may want to link to an external .mov. Have you tried that to see how it works?
4. Dropping the framerate will reduce stress on the Flash player. It may help.
5. What do you mean by increase the buffer?