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09-28-2002, 11:19 AM
I have read many threads asking how the effect on this site is done( http://www.yulia-nau.de )the explanations have been really helpful to a degree, thanks.However beyond all the very smooth edits and additional effects used on the original video footage the header seems to gradually reduce the transparency from frame to the next frame. All the explanations people have given have detailed clear cuts from one keyframe to the next as the mouse moves across the screen. Can anyone else tell me if it is possible for there to be a fade in the transparency of the previous frame as the mouse scrolls across the stage. Sorry about my long winded post :). Ta

09-28-2002, 12:54 PM
Well it looks like they are using the _root._xmouse to determine the _current frame of the video timeline. It's not a direct script though (xmouse = currentframe) because there is easing (it slows down as it reaches the current frame).

This means they are using the math function to combine the destination frame with an easing script and a mouse position variable.

Good luck with the backwards engineering. Keep me posted on your progress, I would be glad to help you with it, but you'll need to do some more homework first.
Check out http://www.ultrashock.com and search for "easing", this site often has experimental and math/physics type scripting that may help you get started.

I wouldn't get too crazy using alpha, it's likely to slow things down. I believe the alpha effect they are using on the site you listed is done in After Effects then output to video or .png sequence then imported to the timeline.


09-29-2002, 12:14 AM
Cheers, guess i'd better do my research.Im like a dog with a bone so gotta get to the bottom of this, Just hope I haven't bit off more than I can Chew.