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10-01-2002, 02:21 PM
I am having problems with the following code. I don't think I am deleting the shared objects properly. If anyone can look at my code and give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciate.

// Delete Guestbook Items
function itemClicked(pictureID){

// used to show what info is in pictureID
_root.mytext.text = pictureID;

userStreamName = pictureID;
// check to see if we are working with a stream
info = pictureID.length;

if (userStreamName != null) {

if (info > 4){
// send call to server to delete stream
_root.main_nc.call("delStream", null, userStreamName);
// the layout of the shared object
//title:userTitle, date:userDateTime, text:userText, AVType:"AV", streamName:userStreamName
// null each entry
_root.entries_so.data[pictureID].text.text = null;
_root.entries_so.data[pictureID].date.text = null;
_root.entries_so.data[pictureID].title.text = null;
_root.entries_so.data[pictureID].AVType.text = null;
// refresh the scrollbox


10-01-2002, 02:43 PM

delete _root.entries_so.data[pictureID].title.text;