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10-24-2002, 08:35 PM
I am currently making a flash game with 3D characters in it, which I am creating in another program, and exporting as illustrator files, then importing into flash.
I am not using Poser, becuase I dont like the way the people look - you can tell they came from Poser, and they are way too detailed, etc, etc (- basically, Poser is not an option)
So, I made my own program to create the characters. The problem I am having is converting the charcters from their 3D form, into a low polygon count 2D form. My current solution is to render each 3D frame as an image, and then vectorize the image back into a vector format (with a low polygon count), and export it as an illustrator file that flash can understand.
(I have seen some amazing plugins that work with 3DStudioMax to do this sort of thing, but I do not have 3D Studio Max, and cannot put my characters into it.)

Does anyone know of a decent algorithm to vectorize a 2D image (with a small amount of shades and colours)?
My attempt at it keeps doing inexplicable things like chopping off corners (or sometimes even missing out the middle bits).

I have searched on google, and have not found anything (that I understand!).

I realise that this is not technically a flash question, but my project is entirely a flash project, and some of the people here seem to have an extremely profficient knowledge of their maths and algorithms, and such.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!


PS. sorry about the long intro!

10-25-2002, 06:27 PM
sence ur not getting any help.. post it in a dif forum :)