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12-05-2002, 01:04 AM
i would really like to play some tennis if anyone would like to join me... im willing to serve tonite if so

12-05-2002, 03:28 AM
um... i should be right for a battle

i'm doing the lyrics one but i've already volleyed so it'll be a while before its my turn again over there

how does a 48 hour turnaround sound? i may be able to work quicker, but my computer access has been a bit varied recently, so i can't guarantee anything

if you want to battle, you can serve :)

12-05-2002, 03:54 AM
heheh n00b battle :)

12-05-2002, 04:15 AM
wow vital, that comment was pretty intelligent/insightful

i'm not going to go into the details of your flag battle, but let me just remind you that you are also a n00b...

sorry to sound *****y, but i think that if you don't have a useful comment, then no comment is required. and anyway, n00bs can have good battles, even if they are less polished than some senior members.


12-05-2002, 04:42 AM
It was a joking comment "hehehe n00b battle" a battle for n00bs...

Saint Benedetta
12-05-2002, 06:10 AM
Now, now.. Let's not discourage the battle.

12-05-2002, 05:11 PM
vital listen.. i mean this is a free forum, and i don't remember reading in any 'terms of use' that you couldn't give your opinion.

however i'm not too fond of some of your useless comments either, but that's my prob.

so if you decide to stop posting this kind of messages remember it should be because you want to, not because they tell you.;)

looking forward to see some work here! i'm also pretty noob with PS!:)


12-05-2002, 05:58 PM
:mad: I'm unhappy.

12-05-2002, 06:18 PM
yo vital, mang chill out:) It's just not cool to talk that way about soemone that is new to this stuff;) I have only been doing this since September when I joined Fk. If someone was going around making those kinda of comments all the time when I was way new, it would have turned me off:(

We are all here to help eachother man, lets make it a positive Environment for ppl to come too.


12-05-2002, 06:31 PM
i think you misunderstood my message vital.

if you want to post things like, hehe noob battle, do it. nobody's gonna stop you. in fact don't let they/us stop you doing whatever you want with your messages.

by the way i have nothing against your comments, but you should take into account that some people do care, and they find them annoying.

ale. (spanish expression);)

12-05-2002, 07:17 PM
So I should stop posting in the Arena? Okies :)

12-05-2002, 07:20 PM
not really.
do what you want, and lets stop this ;)

[mod edit]keep the language to a minimum, please? FK is a G-Rated forum.[/mod edit]

12-05-2002, 07:21 PM
Yay a n00b battle I likes n00b battles :)

12-06-2002, 04:15 AM
oh no, i've done it again... (this is actually a serious post)

i'm sorry for going a bit over the top vital
i know that a lot of people have jumped on you for your comments, and i guess i never expected to be one of them

also, i have noticed that recently you have been much more controlled with your posting, and like most people (i think) i find your commentaries usually complimentary and appropriate

so anyway, i didn't really mean to overreact... hopefully we can both get along in this forum. Please continue to comment, especially once the battle starts :D


serpent star
12-06-2002, 04:18 AM
Vital, you should check out the mad commentary skills of moondragon over at were-here. It's amazing. If you could take a note from a skilled photoshop tennis commentator like that, you would be a welcome addition to every match. Peep's would consider you a local ps comentator icon.

12-06-2002, 04:44 AM
I would if I could Serpent....Godam Norotn Intanet Security :( Anyways i'll try even harder to stop posting meanigless thingos in the Arena, and thanks for the advice Ilikepie :)

12-06-2002, 07:45 PM
At the (slight) risk of making this a conversation rather than a battle thread :D it has always been my opinion that commentary is a vital (pardon the pun :( ) part of what the Arena is about. Yes, some people do get irate about comments like "hey noob battle", but to be perfectly frank, and I think I echo IlikePie in this, that's their problem!

With the exception of 5 or 6 of the regular posters in the Arena (gerbick, ian424, jamble, serpant star... the usual suspects :) ) almost all of us ARE n00bs.

Now, lets welcome Sakro to the arena, pardon ourselves for the hissy fit we've collectively indulged in, and...


:doughnut: and if anyone thinks I'm sanctimonious - You're RIGHT! :D

12-07-2002, 09:56 PM
hey sakro, you still up for this battle?
i know the thread got a bit sidetracked, but i'm still ready if you want to do it... just post your serve and we'll go :)


12-08-2002, 02:04 AM
gonna finish something right now
but im watching osbournes reruns so itll go slow

12-08-2002, 04:35 AM
here you are...

12-09-2002, 07:33 AM
here ya go...

it's a bit crowded, really just a collection of different elements but i got stuck for ideas :/

12-09-2002, 07:35 AM
sorry about that last post, i must have got my image linked wrong... still not used to this :)


12-09-2002, 06:32 PM
word.... ill get started now on round 3

12-10-2002, 03:16 AM

12-10-2002, 06:30 AM
heres my reply... we sure are flying through this battle

where are you sakro? i'm in australia, so my volleys usually come about now...but i've just realised that doesn't mean much to you :P

anyway, hope you can work with it


12-10-2002, 01:10 PM
im in canada east coast....
havin fun?
i am.

12-10-2002, 02:24 PM

12-10-2002, 02:31 PM

12-10-2002, 06:29 PM
are you new to battling?

your post count is low which would suggest that you are, but you've made some sweeet volleys!

once i think of what to do with yours, i'll get something back :P
probably within 24 hrs of now


12-10-2002, 07:20 PM
yes i am new to this...
thanks for the words...

12-11-2002, 04:19 AM
here you are

i noticed you are in 3 battles atm... you really like this don't you :)


12-11-2002, 06:23 AM
certainly do

12-12-2002, 04:37 AM
here's my latest volley...

i dont' really like it but i wanted to get something done, so i made this...

also, i can't access my webspace at the moment so i'll try linking it, but it may not work
hope it does!


12-12-2002, 04:51 AM
great match, keep them volleys coming :)