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06-09-2000, 06:13 AM
If Your Interested In Interacting Flash With BeatNik, I Think Your Gonna Like This! However, Its Still Currently Being Developed, comming soon. BookMark For Update If Desired.

You Can Preview My Web Based Version Here:

I Will Not Give Any Support On Music Object API At This Time. For Now You Can Use http://www.headspace.com For Support. L8

06-10-2000, 01:48 AM
Also, Heres A Demo Of Flash Sonification, OnMouseOvers, Clicks And What Have Ya.

Though You May Want To Wait Untill MidNight And Turn Off All The Lights To View This One. . . He, He, He


Let Me Just Say That This Here Is A Very Basic Approach, Forgot I Even Had This Old Floppy Still Lying Around.

Anyone Using BeatNik, BeatNik, BeatNik, With Flash, Do Tell!

Sheryl Hill
06-12-2000, 02:35 AM
I am a newbie web developer, just completed certification this past month. I am taking Flash this upcoming Fri/Sat, though I have played around with it a bit. My question is this: I am in process of developing about 4 sites for my portfolio, and want to add audio and Flash animation to one of them after my upcoming class. I have used the Beginners tutorials at Beatnik...for one of my sites in development, (it was way easy just cutting and pasting the javascript into my html code) but what do you think of the online tutorials they have on Flash and Beatnik interactivity on their site? Is that how you learned it? I know I'll be more up to speed after my Flash class this week, but would really appreciate your advice.
Thanks alot! Sheryl

06-12-2000, 03:40 PM
As I'm Sure You've Read In The Documentation, "You Should First Familiarize Yourself With The Principles Of Sonification Using The Music Object API", As Well Having A Knowledgable Understanding Of Flash Methods, (Fs Command), To Be Able To Pass Arguments To A Scripting Lanquage.

Let Me Start Off With The BeatNik Documentation, Using Flash-&-BeatNik. Basically Its Showing You How To Communicate Between The Two, And Doesn't Really Go Into Great Detail, Which I Might Also Add, Flash Is Basically The Sameway. So With This, I've Looked At It As A Problem, And Needed To Find Solutions. I've Been Around BeatNik For Several Years And Flash A Few, And Have Enjoyed The Art Of Computer Programming Since My First Computer Late Back In The Early 80's, A Franklin Ace 1000. Anyhow, I've Found It Easiest For Me (May Not Apply For Others), Simply By Viewing The Contents Of More Complex Sites That Control The BeatNik Plug'N, And Ofcourse For Educational Purposes Only, Breaking It Apart Into Several Smaller Parts, Handling These With My Own Methods, And Clarifing A Better Explanation, Solving A Little More Of The Problem Each Time I Go ALong. This Way I'm Actually Teaching Myself, And Can Now Have The Ability To Write My Own Methods, Rather Then Just Copy & Paste; Personally, I Don't Reccomend Copying & Pasting Anthing! Now, If You Want Just A Simple Embed Or Sonification With No Explantion, I Would Say The Following Would Apply:

* Small Bground In Flash
* Novice With Music-Object
* Copy & Paste Scripting Lanquages

More Complex Approaches: (Understood Explanation)

* Advanced In Flash (Fs Command Assigning Vars To Take Action, ect.)
* A Strong Grasp With Music-Object
* The Ability To Write Your Own Scriptures, Using Flash Methods And Wiring It Up With The Music-Object
More Info On Flash Methods Can Be Found At:
* And Not To Get Frustrated, To Maintain A Possitive Attitude!

This Pretty Much Wraps It Up. And Just Remember, If You Build It, You'll Feel Truly Satisfied With What You Have Accomplished!

Also, You May Wanna Check Out The BeatNik Forums As Well!

Good Luck On All Your Projects! L8r

Sheryl Hill
06-19-2000, 01:54 AM
Many thanks for your help. I got thru my Flash class (I can't say that I stuck to your advice on the "* And Not To Get Frustrated, To Maintain A Possitive Attitude!") hah! However...I am completely psyched and LOVE FLASH. Just know I need practice practice practice. I DID go to the Beatnik forums as u suggested as well as the URL you gave me. I really found them both very helpful...and know I will be going back with any questions I have to the forums, because there are a couple guys on there that really seem to be helpful like you. I can't wait to build my first site and feel that sense of accomplishment like u said. If it's okay with you, I'll post my URL(s) as I get them completed for any suggestions, criticisms or kudos you may have for me :) I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice, I need cyber-mentors like you!<g>