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01-14-2003, 10:00 AM
Hey, just a call out to anyone looking for a battle, no defined rules yet but i just wanna see who is interested.

Gone Pimpin :mrpimp:

01-14-2003, 01:00 PM
ill take u on! show me whatchoo got! hehe

01-14-2003, 04:52 PM
ok, lets say

3 or 4 volleys each
48 hours (or therabouts)
100k rule
Canvas can be rotated
Can use stock photos

so u gonna bring it? (the serve), or shall i

01-15-2003, 05:25 AM
I could start with something if you want!

im fairly partial...but yeah I will make something 1 second

01-15-2003, 06:11 AM
errr im sorry do you mind if we change the dimensions? im bored of those long/tall serves, and I have never done a squarish shape....this serve here (attached) was made from all different peoples faces hehe a bit of fun on my account.

01-15-2003, 07:22 AM
Hey, no problems with canvas size, lets just make it anything goes.
And also, i prefer it when we exchange psd's. It makes for alot nicer battle.

chickensmakemypantsrise@hotmail.com (i have msn) add me

01-15-2003, 01:08 PM
if you're going to exchange psd's, can I suggest a different method for swapping Photoshop files than MSN, or some other web-based e-mail system. Those are limited normally to around 1mb attachments, and I know normally that my PSD's get huge - anywhere from 3mb to 28mb at that canvas size.

ok, I use a lot of layers, paths, and channel operations, but still...

It's just a thought for you guys to consider :cap:

Can't wait to see this battle guys!

01-15-2003, 07:10 PM
if worst comes to worst i can do it without but i feel that u get a lot better looking and profesional battle, especialy with images with no clear focal point like yours.

any suggestions girbs about how to get it across?

01-15-2003, 11:41 PM
hey I'm no pro...and i kinda am in this for fun/learning, nothing proffessional...thats why I spelt it wrong...and I can't find the PSD...if i did make one lol *layers>flatten image>save as>jpeg*

hehe oh well man balls in your court, do what you want but I cant send you PSD, I will keep the next one though :)

01-16-2003, 09:26 AM
sorry i havnt posted yet, ive been realing in the mulah (money) at my new job, im working 10hr days 5 days a week as a trolley boy at the second biggest mall in central queensland... well anyway

My volley should be up pretty soon, and im hoping it will be worth the wait.

The death clowns in town

01-16-2003, 11:32 PM
lol np...your not going to turn my beatiful face into a satanic monster are you? :D

01-16-2003, 11:51 PM
no, i was gonna but i decided to get what i wanted it would take to long, so i decided on somthing a little bit more peaceful and subtle. It should be up in a few hours

01-17-2003, 02:41 AM
here it is, it didnt take to long to make, just along time to get around to it.


GONE PIMPIN :mrpimp:

01-17-2003, 03:01 AM
sorry about the wait, i've had absolutely no time.

but here it is


01-17-2003, 06:29 AM
cool cool are you gonna send me the PSD?

01-17-2003, 09:25 AM
i didnt have yours so i dont know if that very fair *slaps myself in the face for being an a hole*.

here is my delema...

at the moment i am using one computer for the net and one for photoshop and flash and i have no way of getting files from my flash computer (location of psd) and my internet computer (location of... internet). so if u want i can send u all the seperate layers a jpg's or split the psd into two so it fits, or if u only want part of it, background, moon etc, i can send just that. tell me what u want and i will deliver :D

01-19-2003, 10:40 AM
this has been held up for a while dude, so im gonna shut it off. unless you have any last minute objections* (were are you by the way)

objections* = volleys