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06-09-2000, 10:46 AM
I have created a flash site that uses a music on/off button. Each menu button triggers a different scene. At the beginning of each scene, i placed the music button (which the sound is tied into.

When i click on different menu items, the sound becomes really loud all of a sudden or distorted as if there are more than one soundtrack playing. I have looked everywhere and there are NO sounds embedded elsewhere

I will furnish the source code if needed.


06-10-2000, 01:49 PM
Please post your URL so i can hear what is going on.

06-11-2000, 12:28 PM
hi mate

you need to have the sound on the btn /hit if you insert keyframe add your sound then close the edit btn right click on btn / properties then in action add stop all sounds on press

this will stop sounds in flash but start the next tune without all the overlapping

hope this helped if not been helped already


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