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02-10-2003, 07:25 AM

Just a quick query/interest request message.

We will be creating a new site shortly and are looking for interested parties.

If you have created, will be creating or create short flash (or otherwise) movies, that can be looped are interesting and original and would like to have your work exhibited online in a smooth/new envronment to help musicians and digital artists display their work - then please get in touch.

It will be called the openlounge project and will allow users to see new short movies and listen to new tracks so as to while away the hours of the day...

We are looking for as many people as would be interested in contributing their work for free (all your rights are reserved) - we will of course give info. about your work and how to contact you, hopefully reaching out to a much bigger audience.

If you would be interested please email loungeroom@instantsend.com


The OpenLounge Project

02-10-2003, 07:39 AM
Please do not post promotional material, especially in the Arena, this forum is for battles only. I notice you have posted this topic in the lounge and site checks which is more than enough.

Try not to make duplicate posts across other forums as if everyone were to do this, FK would be clogged down with this sort of thread.

As such, this topic is closed.