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10-27-2000, 12:03 PM
Bob, does the 1.60 beta allow 8-bit sound import? I could have sworn that I just did that.

Also I researched it and it appears that Macromedia has yet another bug with their player.

Sounds sampled at rates other than:


Produce unexpected results. Andrew and myself noticed this a while back and assumed it was a bug in Kool Moves. It isn't it is a bug in the SWF Player itself.

Bob Hartzell
11-02-2000, 09:18 AM
I just saw this post. KoolMoves only allows 16 bit sound at this time. I believe swf stores sound as 16 bit so Flash much do the conversion itself. I don't have code to do the conversion hence I can't allow 8 bit (the flash movie would crash otherwise).

11-02-2000, 11:09 AM
This isn't a big deal, all you need to convert the sounds to 16-bit is windows sound recorder. Easy as pie:)


11-02-2000, 11:36 AM
Thanks Brad.

I was wanting to use 8 bit sound (8 bit sound is 1/2 the size of 16 bit sound) to reduce the file size. I ended up using a lower sampling rate.

11-04-2000, 05:06 PM
johnie use Goldwave!!!

It's the best program out there for sound on the net, and it is free :D

11-07-2000, 12:27 AM
Anyone know if Macromedia has or will be fixing the sound bug? This sucks.

11-07-2000, 08:51 AM
There are work arounds, you can simply embed your sounds into the .html. Though the only real use for this is music, but hey at least we can have good quality music:)

And I would recommend embeding your music into the .html, you save .swf size and you don't limit every task to the .swf file(which shouldn't be done). With the music in the .html you can then use the .swf for sound effects, voices, or whatever!


11-07-2000, 05:06 PM
Yet another option is to embedd the sound into Java. SWF can control Javascript and Javascript can control Java- interesting how that works.

11-07-2000, 10:50 PM
Actually that is what I meant:)