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10-27-2000, 12:23 PM
Macromedia acknowldges that there are compatibility issues between the Flash 5 version and earlier versions of its player.

this link describes it:


They are not giving us the whole story becuase the Kool Moves defualt is 12 FPS and movies that work in Flash 4 at 12 FPS are also effected.

My recomendation is to write your work for Flash 5 and then check your detection script so that it will check for Flash 5.

Veiwers without the Flash 5 player will be redirected to Macromedia to update their player.

All SWF producing tools are effected by this bug- Kool Moves, Swish (most effected), Flash4 and lower, etc. Kool Moves does not seem to be that greatly effected though. The internal sounds and timing mechanism seems to display the correct times in seconds in Flash 5.

10-27-2000, 12:32 PM
The Kool Moves generated HTML may crash IE 5.5 with the Flash 5 Player. The Kool Moves generated HTML places the SWF in a table cell. Remember this is Macromedia's bug and is not specific to Kool Moves. Any SWF, whether it was created by Flash-Swish-Kool Moves-ETC, placed in a table cell may crash IE 5.5 with the Flash 5 plug-in.

The work around solution for right now:

See my tutorial on CSS at the Kool Moves website on how to place your HTML in Divs. See these resources for more information on Divs and CSS:


The other option, other than divs, is to remove the table tags. Either way you are going to have to play with the HTML if you want IE 5.5 users with the Flash 5 player to see your page.

Bob Hartzell
10-27-2000, 01:15 PM
The swf file I construct is for Flash version 3 because that is the extend of KoolMoves flash functionality at this time. Maybe this is why KoolMoves generated swfs are less susceptible to some of these problems are you pointing out.

10-27-2000, 07:25 PM
The problem is in the player itself.

The speed problem most effects Live Motion Users, Swish Users, and most importantly Flash (using bellow 4 and bellow) Users.

The speed bug actually corrected an incompatibility issue in Kool Moves with the player. It fixed Kool Moves time line so that it will display the correct times in Flash 5. Macromedia's Flash 4 player defualt speed was 15 FPS with a max of 18 FPS. Anything created in Kool Moves with a speed of more than 18 FPS played at the slower speed in Flash 4 anyway.

Kool Moves is most prone to the IE 5.5 crash bug becuase it embeds the SWF in a table cell. This bugs seems to only effect IE 5.5 and more than likely is Microsoft bug and not Macromedia's since Netscape seems to be uneffected. Until it is don't place your SWF's in tables if you want IE 5.5 users to see your work.

A side note here is that I have not noticed the IE 5.5 bug but alas IE 5.5 crashes all the time for no reason and I was not looking for a bug.

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