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06-15-2000, 10:57 AM
Hi and greetings from Argentina!

I'm doing a little Project in Flash 4 and want to import a QuickTime movie (320x240-sorenson-12fps) into my .fla file.
I can import the QT movie (though I can not hear the soundtrack), the problem is when I export my FLASH project to a SWF or a projector (autoexec) the QT movie disappears from the screen, all works fine, but the movie is hidden. I've tried to play on several machines and to import movies using another compressor, but that didnt help. Any suggestion?

Thanx in advance.

Pope de Flash
06-15-2000, 09:16 PM
QT Files can only be played in the QTPlayer. You have to save the swf out as a MOV. If you look down further in the fourm you will find a post I did with all the info on it. Regards, Bill