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10-27-2000, 09:31 PM
Got a question...
I am trying to make a navigation bar. I want the button when rolled over by the mouse to show another shape with text within it. Kinda like an explanation of the button they have rolled over. Then, of course if they press it, it will bring them to a Url. I can only make it do one thing when it's rolled over. I have seen it work on some sites. Can't figure it out.


10-27-2000, 10:48 PM
The second part of andrew's interactivity tutorial on the Kool Move website describes what you are wanting to do sorta. I know a better way.

1. Draw your interface.

2. Then Draw a bunch of shapes over them and adjust the properties of these shapes as having 0 line width and a 255 transparent Fill. Convert them to symbols then make them buttons. Make sure they are on the top layer. We'll call these shapes sticky shapes.

3. Unless I have planned my interface I copy that frame and append to end.

4. You can skip this step if you are good but I don't recommend it. Switch over to wire Frame view and select all of your sticky shapes. Hint you need to hit shift while you sellect to select more than one shape. Then hit CTRL-H. This will hide all of your sticky shapes so that you can get to your text underneath them.

5. Go to each Frame and change the text in your buttons in the apropriate frame- You can also animate actions on button press with this by creating a series of Frames. Write down which frames the new text is in.

6. Get into the sounds and actions interface (its located under the movie menu). Add the stop action to the end of each of your new text frames- If you are animating things on button presses add the stop action to the end of your animations. Make sure you stop the Interface also.

7. Now go to the main interface page and hit CTRL-H. This will unhide your shapes. Switch back to wire frame veiw.

8. Add goto Frame action to each of the shapes. You will add two or three goto Frame actions for each shape. You want to asign the Frame with your new text to the on roll over event, The goto the main interface frame on the roll out frame, and I suppose you want your buttons to do something on press? Assign that action to the on press event.

9. Since your shapes are symbols you have changed all Frames with the Sticky Shape in it. The last step may not be needed but is certainly good form. Go through and make sure your sticky shapes are at the top layer of all of your Frames.

I hope that helps. Sorry if it seems complicated.
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