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10-28-2000, 04:01 PM
My first short movie made with KoolMoves....
tell me what you think!


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10-28-2000, 05:05 PM
Pretty Kool! I wonder: is Stiggy's torso tuned to middle C? If so, we could use him in my band.

10-28-2000, 09:37 PM
Very imaginative! Looks great. If this is your first, I can't wait 'til you get some practice in.

10-28-2000, 10:35 PM
Its my first complete movie in KoolMoves or Flash animation (kinda a movie). I have done numerous other animations here and there mostly hand drawn though or 3D, just recently got into Flash as a way for animating. It only took about a half an hour to do it, draw it that is, and about an hour to find all the sounds I wanted, and 15 minutes to get it online.


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10-29-2000, 12:14 AM
Stiggy Works out-
Another Stiggy release-
basically an experiment with movement in KoolMoves, there is a smooth rotation of joints in this one.
Again a haha-



10-30-2000, 01:16 PM
I see that you are playing with Limb Stretching. Very funny work.

10-30-2000, 02:03 PM
Thank you, yeah "limb stretching" Stiggy was my first attempt at trying a boning system of some sort in KoolMoves, not a great success but good experiments, I have a few more, I will post them later. I have updated KoolKit, but haven't uploaded it yet, I keep getting an illegal bleep from IE when I test it, I am going to take a look at the script and html, then I will get it up, I have added a lot, maybe there is a limit to the amount a single .swf can hold, anyone know anything about this, I even tried seperating sections into different .swfs well, we shall see if I get it up tonight.


10-30-2000, 05:52 PM

I don't think there is a limit. I have seen people out there with several meg SWFs. Your server or browser may have a time out limit though- mine does.

The Kool Moves limit was a little over a half meg but I am pretty sure that Bob said he raised the limit to about 800K- You shouldn't have any trouble with a SWF that size.

I also wouldn't put anything over a meg on the net becuase of download time. Splitting the movie up is a better solution.

10-30-2000, 11:13 PM

both games are over 1 meg. The animated special is over 2 megs.

Brad, what happened to that anime thing you were working on?

10-31-2000, 12:16 AM
Very good, question, after this next KoolKit update, I will be devoting more of my time to getting that up, it is supposed to be on my new homepage, which will feature Anime style movies. Give me a few weeks and I will have it up.


Bob Hartzell
10-31-2000, 08:36 AM
Yes, I raised it to .8 MB in version 1.60.