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10-28-2000, 10:29 PM
Hello, I am new to the world of Koolmoves and have read your post regarding Bob's site. Maybe the answer is if some of us get involved in building a corporatey / fun site for Bob at no charge... And maybe help him with advertising on the net... I use Submit Wolf at the moment which has over 3500 submissions around the globe and would be happy to submit his site.....

See what you think

Let me know Johnie, BradBradley, AndrewC, Artexer and anyone else who would like to help...

10-28-2000, 10:38 PM
I am focused a lot on building KoolKit as well as slowly trying to get my own site up(again) but I would be happy to help in anyway possible.


10-28-2000, 10:45 PM
I will contact Bob to see if he would like us to create a site for him and how he wants to go about it... Thanks for your reply..

Bob Hartzell
10-29-2000, 08:47 AM
The very best way you can help is for you all to create great sites for yourselves and let me reference them. Useful tutorials are also helpful.

When my partner returns from his vacation in several weeks, I think I can get him to improve his animation on the KoolMoves web site. He was very distracted and hurried when he put it together.

I did a mass submission and it had zero effect. I am spending time trying to increase link exposure which is very tedious work.

11-02-2000, 11:50 AM
I will be getting KoolKit up on some big search engines hopefully by the end of this month. That should help with exposure, and I am working on my site, which will be produced almost completely in KoolMoves. The animation I have now looks pretty good. I hope this will help KoolMoves exposure.