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11-03-2000, 08:11 PM
This is a link to download the Flash 4 standalone player


The stand alone is needed to create Projector Files.

Bob Hartzell
11-04-2000, 08:23 AM
Can't the stand-alone player be downloaded from the Macromedia site?

11-04-2000, 04:16 PM
I looked high and low for it at the macromedia site. I am sure the Flash 5 standalone can be downloaded from Macromedia. This site also has a Java Flash Player but it does not use sound and only supports Flash 2.

11-04-2000, 05:02 PM
Originally posted by Bob Hartzell
Can't the stand-alone player be downloaded from the Macromedia site?

Hi Bob.

johnie and I looked everywhere yesterday for a link to this stand alone player on the MM web site, but we could not really find one. If it's there, we'd like to know where. You'd think that MM would make something so important easier to find. I think they're realizing that with programs out there like Koolmoves and Swish that Flash isn't really needed (or wanted), just the stand alone player is needed, and that is free :D

11-04-2000, 05:16 PM
I looked again today Swishy- No luck. I also found that they refrence thier Java player but offer no download for it.

Why is the Java player desirable?

Macromedia has no Plug-In for Opera, Galion, Arena, Amayou, K-melion, Mozilla, Star Office, ETC.

If you want to see Flash for these browsers the Java player is more feasable than writing browser compatible players. Most browsers are Java enabled or should be made Java enabled. Even if they don't have a browser anyone with the Java viewer- included with the Free download of the JDK- can see it.

They do have a player SDK as they have a SWF SDK but it uses Visual C++ and I can't figure why they wouldn't have a regular C++ distribution- it would seem to me that it would be easier for Non- Microsoft OS developers that way. I would rather have a Java source code realese than a Visual C++ becuase Java is more portable and any machine with a Java environment can run Java- ie your TV, Cell Phone, Etc.

11-04-2000, 06:06 PM
Well some people call them MacroMedia, and some people call them MacroManiacs. Either way they do a lot of stuff that doesn't make much sense. I just hope they don't mess up Dreamweaver like they did Flash 5 :D