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10-28-2003, 03:04 PM
Welcome to the Flash for Mobile Devices Forum. We'll be discussing
the exciting world of mobile Flash content.

This forum will contain best practices such as:
How to design for multiple devices
Ways to write code so it'll play on multiple devices that support Flash
(Flashlite (a version 4 style), Flash 5, and Flash MX)
How to battle the key obstacles in mobile development: speed, size restrictions, and limited screen realestate
Key issues in developing for mobile delivery
Critical issues in mobile versus desktop development

We'll discuss:
Links to cool mobile content (Flash & otherwise)
Essential resources and third party tools
Best ways to get people excited about Mobile Flash content
Pre-production tips that'll save you hours of frustration
Capabilites and limitations of Flash for mobile development

We'll look at:
Examples of that's been done with Flash on mobile platforms
Mobile content posted by FlashKit members (aka sitechecks)
Options for customizing/personalizing mobile content

And anything else related to the mobile space...

Nader Nejat // Multimedia Consultant + Developer
OmegaMedia // http://www.omegamedia.com
"We help people express their visual and technical ideas"

10-29-2003, 02:19 AM
Oh yeah, did I mention Nader is a professor ;)