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06-20-2000, 03:53 PM
While I was programming with the Flash SDK, I come up having trouble with the interaction between the Flash file that is being played and the C++ program. For instance, if I have a swf file that contains an X amount of bottons and I want one to do itīs corresponding flash script when itīs pressed, but I also want this event to send a message to the C++ program indicating that the botton has been pressed.

Iīve been trying with ProcessFSCommand but I canīt get the expected results. Reading the documentation that comes with the SDK, It states the use of this method as the solution, but as it also says itīs really not that specific on how to use it and refers to the use of Flash help file for more information. While reading the help file it says that you can use the FSCommand with ActiveX controls when programming in Visual C++, and only explains the special commands (fullscreen, quit, exec, etc.).

Iīm programming with Visual C++ without ActiveX , is it posible to handle these events?

Does anyone know if it`s posible to capture mesages from a swf file, and incorporate them in the c++ program that is serving as a player?