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11-06-2000, 06:03 PM
What does it mean when I get a message saying I've got a negative reference count for shape parent? I've gotten this a couple of times while looking at a drawing in progress in the stand alone player.

11-06-2000, 06:07 PM
What version of the Stand Alone player?

The error is a problem in the way the SWF was written. We were getting that same error in Kool Moves itself so if its in Kool Moves get a copy of that Fun File to Bob.

The Link I gave and the Link in the Swish Forum is for the Stand alone Player version 4.0.

11-06-2000, 06:35 PM
This is the animation (drawing really) I was practicing with when I got the message:


The .fun file is at the same location with the .fun suffix.


I have another question regarding this (very rough) drawing. If you look at the paws, you'll see that the circles that form the toes are all open. I did that by drawing the ellipse, then going to properties and selecting not closed. That put the open stretch in the same place in all cases. Is there a better way to, in effect, erase a section of a boundary line? One where I have more control over what gets erased?

I also tried putting a second line on top of the border to "orange" part of it out. That's what I did with the top of the right paw.

As for the stand alone question, how do find out what version I have?

Thanks for the help.

Bob Hartzell
11-06-2000, 07:39 PM
It is a problem in KoolMoves. I will look at the fun file.

11-06-2000, 08:48 PM
I like your cat. Yes there is a tool that will let you draw open shapes. Look in the help files.

11-06-2000, 09:02 PM
Here's something weird: After dinner I opened up this file again to play with it some more. Now it doesn't give me that message when I try to play it in the stand alone player. I mean, before I did anything to it, I tried to play it and had no trouble. This is sort of like the other problem I had where, once I saved and closed the file, I couldn't recreate the problem upon reopening it.

Also, I'm going to post my closed lines question in a separate thread so it doesn't get lost here.

Bob Hartzell
11-06-2000, 09:47 PM
The reference count problem appears to be associated with groups. I am fairly confident I will have it solved by Wed or Thurs. when I will issue a new version.

Saving then reopening does solve these problems.