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11-08-2000, 06:37 PM
hello fellow flashers.
i am trying to solve a problem that i've
had since i finished my first flash site.

i designed the site at 800x600 pixels (actually 775x575).
when i designed it, i didn't know that when a movie
of that size is blown up (say fullscreen at a higherscreen res)
the jpegs that are in it get pixelated. (not the point of not being
unrecognizable, but enough that people have mentioned it.)

now when you go into the site, when you choose high or low
bandwidth, it pops up a browser window that takes up the
available real estate you have on your monitor minus a little
on the edges. i set my movie to be 100%.

i thought of a way to solve this problem, but have been unable
to get the action script to work.

what i want to do, is be able to call the users screen resolution
and then load a movie accordingly. if the user
is at 800x600 or less, i want to load a lower res movie.
if the user is aboe 800x600 i want to load a higher res movie.
with the very limited actionscript knowledge i have,
i came up with the following:

on (release) {
unloadMovieNum (1);
if (_width>775) {
loadMovieNum ("./hi.swf", 1);
} else {
loadMovieNum ("./lo.swf", 1);

unfortunately, this doens't work.
i don't get any syntax errors, but it never loads
hi.swf when the movie is full screen.

when a flash movie (775x575) is opened at its normal size
and then switched to full screen at a higher resolution (say 1280x1024)
does the actual pixel size change? thats what this script is depending on.
i'm assuming not, because it doesn't work.

is there anyway to call the users screen res, to be able to pull
up the appropriate movie? i am not sure if this is possible, but
im hoping, cuz im out of options at this point...

any help would be greatly appreciated!