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06-21-2000, 02:28 PM
I think I may have posted to the wrong board the first time (support board)so apologies in advance for posting twice.

I am trying to use a model of a drink can in swift 3d.
I got the model from a free download page at 3dgate.com.
It was in dxf format, I imported into autocad and exported as 3ds. I dont own 3dsmax.

When I try to animate it in 3dswift it chokes. 16 hours and it got to frame 5!!

I dont know much about 3ds and models, I played with the export options in autocad, anything that improved speed seriously degraded the model. Would anyone with 3ds be willing to take a look at the model for me and if possible clean it up for faster rendering in swift?

Thanks if you can help Mark Gason
my email gase@visi.com