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02-01-2004, 10:28 PM

I'm trying to create a Flash presentation but I need to incorporate a quiz into my presentation. I just recently discovered the quiz template, which will make it a lot easier. However, I'm not really sure how much I can change in the quiz template.

The presentation I'm creating has different topics, and before the user can move on to the next topic, he/she has to answer one question from the previous topic. At the end of the presentation, the user should be able to see a results page which shows the number of correct and incorrect answers. With that in mind, I was thinking that the presentation will have this kind of format:

Scene 1: presentation
Scene 2: quiz
Scene 3: presentation
Scene 4: quiz
Scene 5: presentation
Scene 6: quiz
Scene 7: results

Will it be possible to create this kind of presentation format using the quiz template? Coz i tried adding scenes for the presentation parts, but the controls (next button) in the quiz template no longer worked. Would anyone know if I can create this type of presentation? And how do I go about doing it? I'm quite new at this, and I don't really know how to proceed. Any help you can give will really be appreciated. Thanks!