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02-13-2004, 12:55 AM
Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get up to speed on using Flash MX and setting up an order entry system? Does the host computer operator have to have any special software to take data from a viewer and then transmit that data (an order for a product) to my client?

How hard is this to accomplish? Any books on the subject or web sites that I can go to for tutorials or information?

02-13-2004, 02:13 AM
if you're just sending data to another person as a result of an order rather than a transaction the easiest thing to do would be to create an email for each order using simple email scripts, you send the data to a PHP page on the server, for example, which will build an email and send it off to your client, letting him know the details of the order.

02-13-2004, 09:21 AM
the suggested technique is fine as long as no sensitive info is being sent. DON'T send credit card info via email.

02-13-2004, 11:34 AM
Understand completely re: credit card. One member suggested going to paypal and getting set up with them. I might try that also. And here is my reply to him (Pellepiano - long time member)

Hello Pellepiano,

Thanks for the reply. I will go on the MX message board and post my reply so others can benefit from your good advice. But to answer your questions on this email also, by order entry, I mean that the customer can see an order form, he will be able to fill in the blanks specifying quantity, description, and price, if he knows it and be able to email it to the company along with any questions he might have and of course he would specify his address and all that stuff.

Another feature which is almost essential with this type of product is a way to make a sketch of the configuration and send that also. This product is flashing material for metal roofing systems. Many flashings are not standard and require sketches including angles and lengths of each side of the flashing and which side is colored.

The paypal suggestion I will follow up on. Thanks. I had forgotten about paypal even though I am set up with them for buying all kinds of things on ebay.

Regarding the storage of data, I know that is more complicated. At this point, I just want a simple email order form with the sketching ability.

Thanks a bunch for your help.