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03-08-2004, 07:45 AM

I created marina management application in flash 5. It is an offline application that used the FSCommand to save account information to a text file. One of the things I ran into was everytime a marina added a dock or slip,.. the main fla had to be updated by me. I switched to MX and decided to try to upgrade the program to allow for user customization with the shared object and possibly the use of a database. The project seems to keep growing in scope and size and now it is changing into a "resort" manager instead of just a marina manager. Campground, storage, rental, and marina information somehow needs to be catagorized and manipulated. The interface needs to be very graphical with a point and click kind of stucture to allow for information input. However,.... I am unsure how to manage the complexity of account management. My question is how to possibly attract other developers with more knowledge than me into the project. I would like to keep project design and control so I considered contracting out parts of this project to others, however, my budget is rather limited. I considered posting the project on these forums in hope of attracting some help, but I am not sure how to compensate for that help. Any suggestions on project design and gathering multiple developer support for a project like this?


03-08-2004, 07:06 PM
You could always start a project at http://sourceforge.net and then allow others to join the project.

This basically means making the project open source; however it doesn't mean you (and others) can't charge customers for your work.

03-08-2004, 07:42 PM

I have considered this. It seems the largest drawback would be if others simply copy the application and become competitors. This project will be designed to be a commercial application. I am not certain that is the way to go to maintain control over the project, but I am still considering it. I am exploring the option of contracting developers as well, but that seems to be an expensive approach. However, I could retain all rights to the work and still keep control over the entire project by sectioning out portions to developers. I am only an intermediate actionscripter, at best, but after showing some of my ideas to a few marina owners and researching other marina management programs on the market,.. there has been some interest. However,... with interest comes suggestions and most would like to see an overall resort management program. Similar to the marina program I designed in flash 5. This creates the problem of LOTS of information to be handled and multiply's the scope of the project considerably. I appreciate your input and will check out sourceforge. I am still in the project archetecture stages and I am unsure how it should all fit together so I guess getting a little more complete on organization will be my first priority. It does seem like attracting someone with skills in information management would sure speed things along, but I am certain, given enough time, I can achieve this.

Thx for looking.