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04-17-2004, 03:15 PM
I'm falling into the trap of making only 1 .SWF and within it I have like 4 Scene's and about 15 .JPEG's, and a whole bunch of text which I have used flash for writting. my file size is 351.kbs, I have a pre loader which the animation doesnt work to well for. there are sections of the page the visitor might not even look at but still I have to load the whole thing cos I dont know how to get around it, now at the ned of the day I want this page to be nice and jazzy and have like the pages fading in when you click on a button. But I'm not even at that stage yet and my file size is getting bigger.
Can anyone tell me how I should go about fixing this before it gets out of control or is there a method for making shorter .SWF's so you dont end up like me. If someone knows something or has a way of working when making pages I would love to hear it.
see for yourself. I'm looking for a way to aproach building.


I hope this post doesnt freak people out.

Thank Q.

04-18-2004, 05:00 PM
An easy way to make your swf much smaller and be sure you will only load the pictures your visitors will check out is using the loadMovie to load your jpgs at runtime

loadMovie("url", level/target, [, variables]);

here's an example to make it clear

loadMovie("../flashkit.jpg", _root.emptyMC);

you can also use getBytesLoaded function to build a preloader for each image.