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04-24-2004, 11:59 PM
I am making a new website, but i need people to work with me ! It is a website about our creations (games, movies, etc...) and it's kind of like a portfolio ! I will need any people who is ready to work with me side by side and is really interested in the project ! Of course it will be taking time but we will, at a time, get to that level of a good website ! It will be in .com if it is really good ! So if anyone is interested please e-mail me at :

e-mail: nicomilgrom@yahoo.fr
msn: nicomilgrom@hotmail.com
aim: Zizou173

Here is my 2 websites:

http://membres.lycos.fr/masterflash24/home2.html <----- html version
http://flashfanatics.noisypipes.com/flashfanatics.html <--------flash version

Bye:D ;)