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11-15-2000, 03:17 PM
I have been having trouble finding free vector clipart but I have found a whole bunch of "clipart" that was already on my computer -- dingbat fonts! (For those who don't know, a dingbat is basically a font character that is a picture instead of a letter, so when you press the "F" key you might get a flower instead of the letter "F".) Fonts in KoolMoves are inherently a kind of vector graphic that you can size and squish, etc. This example was done almost entirely with font characters (the exception is the "transporter beam")


The flying saucer is from a font called "Mini Pics Art Jam" that I apparently got with Adobe Photodeluxe (it came with my digital camera). If you have this font and choose the letter "c" you get a flying saucer. What I especially like about this font is that all the objects are done in a cartoon style with lines around them that makes them look like they are moving. You can find dingbats of people, animals, cartoon characters, etc. You can also try converting a letter (or an alien penguin) to a shape and then filling it with a gradient or a bitmap, etc (Transforms | Break Apart Text | Convert to a Shape with Points).

Using dingbats isn't as elegant as drawing shapes from scratch, but it IS really quick and easy. Also, if you use dingbats I suggest using something better than the default Character Map program that comes with Windows. CharacterMap Pro is good (and free) at - http://www.photoshopclub.com/stuff/index.php?chmap .

11-15-2000, 04:11 PM
You are Indeed Correct. I also want to add that Kool Moves can also be used for text effects. Unlike Swish or Flax or Flash Typer-ETC, you can create any text effect you want and then save it and re-use it. Since Kool Moves has a WYSISWYG environment it is more suitable than these boxed text effects generators.