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05-05-2004, 01:36 AM
What is the current status of mobile flash games?
How many mobiles accept this?
What are the needs to run in mobile?
any tutorials ?

thanks in advance

Johnny Meerkat
05-06-2004, 03:08 PM
i'm only just getting into mobile development. as soon as i upgrade from flash mx, i'm going straight to mx 2004 professional edition, which has native support for certain mobile devices, but this is, so far, severly limited.

in the meantime, we're looking to produce mobile content for mobiclip, a proprietary extension for mobiles. but again, the scope is currently limited to very high-end phones; nokia 7650/3650/6600/n-gage, sony ericsson p800/P900, SPV FR/UK/E100/E200, siemens sx1 and the dopod 515.

the mobiclip extension and developer is still quite new, and they are making upgrades on a fairly regular basis, however there are still limits; it's not like you can simply produce a game and then just dump it on a mobile.

until manufacturers begin to implement the flash lite player at the manufacturing stage, flash content on mobiles will be limited to higher-spec mobiles and pdas running symbian and microsoft operating systems.

05-07-2004, 12:05 PM
soon as i upgrade from flash mx, i'm going straight to mx 2004 professional edition,
No need to upgrade to Pro for mobile development. You can do everything Pro can with the free Flash Lite update. Just make your own templates and you have all the same functionality.

If you are upgrading just for mobile devevelopment, be aware that Pro might not offer as signficant improvement for mobile development as it was marketed compared Flash MX with the free Flash Lite update. Of course there are other significant improvements (video and AS2), but some people might be disappointed by this aspect of Pro. I have not upgraded so take my opions in that regard. I am using Flash MX (not the O4 regular version) with the Flash Lite update.

You dont even really need Flash Lite update for MX if you are not embedding MIDI or MFI in your Flash Lite swf. You can just save to Flash 4 as long as you are careful of the Flash Lite AS restrictions. The update does offer a specific debugger for Flash Lite AS (Flash 4 AS subset), but this along with MIDI/MFI import are the two main values of the Flash Lite update. Since MFI wont work in non Docomo phones this feature may not be that useful for future Flash Lite windows/symbian phone support.

If I were to spend money on Flash Mobile development tools, I would probably spend it on the PocketPC projector utility instead of upgrading to MX Pro.

It seems the Mobile Development convenience in Pro is the device templates. However, you can make these yourself by researching the CDKs. Some of the templates may not be quite correct, such as A920 template width should be 197 based upon comments I've read from A920 developer/owners, and Sony Clie TG50 template size. There are others for devices not yet even supported like 3650 and 7650.

There are also devices on market after the release of pro like Sony Clie TH55 and Motorola A925, so you end up modifying existing templates or making new ones as needed.

Just thought I would mention this incase you were upgrading only for mobile development.

05-14-2004, 12:11 PM
Along these lines, does anyone know of a published list that will show devices along with the operating formats they support (flash/java/brew)? ideally with the service provider.

05-14-2004, 01:12 PM
I doubt there is a list out there showing the platform of all possible phones.

You can assume that Symbian UIQ and series 60 devices will be Java game oriented, as well as all Nokia and many Motorola phones. Also the Japanese phone market, while still largely using proprietary OS, is a main stay for Java games.

Qualcomm's brew site has a list of brew phones and supported brew formats.

Windows powered phones can probably run Java, but may not include the J2ME runtime. Perhaps that is up to the manufacturer. They should support .net for mobile applications.

And comming in at a distant last place, Macromedia, has a list of supported Flash devices at

05-14-2004, 02:20 PM
Originally posted by hp3
I doubt there is a list out there showing the platform of all possible phones.

Macromedia, has a list of supported Flash devices at

The problem I found is that there seem to be some phones that aren't on Macromedia's list yet (motorola A series) [edit] I just checked and the A920 seems to be there now [\edit].

I want to start developing for flash enabled phones and was looking for a device along with a service provider that could support Java/Brew/Flash but it is really very difficult to get a handle on what is out there and who supports it. I would love to find a table detailing the device, platform, provider, etc... If anyone finds such a thing please post it.

05-14-2004, 02:43 PM
A920 and A925 both support Java MIDP 1.x (but not Brew)
The Imode phones, 505i and 900i only available in Japan, have FlasLite and J2ME i-appli java support.

Brew is interesting because it is not really language dependant. A particular vendor could create a plug-in for Brew to support a given language. The end user would have to download this plug-in before being able to use an app written in non native Brew language (c, c++). So, in theory, MM could make a Flash plug-in for Brew phones. I believe that Qualcomm makes a Java plug-in for Brew phones.

But as of right now I do not think there is a device with all three capabilities. If you dont live in Japan, then you only have Motorola phones to go with.

Sometime in the next couple of months, IBM will be releasing a J2ME MIDP 2.0 compliant version of its micro web sphere java edition for Palm which, according to IBM, should work on the Sony Clies. That might be another option to look at. You could get a Clie and do Flash and Java development for it as well.

05-20-2004, 08:06 PM
There's a device list with some information on support platforms on our site: http://www.g4mes.net/devices.php

However it's unlikely to be a 100% accurate, and we don't cover Flash.. It still might be of some use though.