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Edward Harvey
06-25-2000, 01:27 PM
I am having problems creating a Mac projector. I created a fla. on a pc in Flash4 and published an .exe, swf, and hqx. Help says that inorder to create a projector to run on a mac decompress the .hqx file, which i did on a Mac but when played it is a blank window. So I tried to open the .fla in Flash4 on a mac with 250 mb ram to plubish fron there but I get out of memory even when I devote 240 mb to flash (the .fla is 55 mb). So then I tried opening the .swf on the mac and it played fine but I could not publish from the flash player. If I try to import the .swf into Flash (3mb file) I get out of memory again. This movie works fine on several pc I have tested it on. Thanks for any help.

Pope de Flash
06-25-2000, 02:10 PM
There is a memory bug with flash on the Mac. You need to download the fix from the Macormedia site. You should be able to just save the swf as a projector when you have it running on the mac. While the swf is playing just go to the file menu and select create projector. Regards, Bill