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Pencil Sharpener
11-16-2000, 01:44 PM
Does anyone know how I can convert a .swf file to an .fla? I've used 'Swifty Zeus', found at http://buraks.com/swifty/intro.html to breakdown a .swf into layers, but each layer is still a .swf, not an .fla.

Thank you very much.

11-16-2000, 02:49 PM
The FLA File is a closed Format and there are no programs that, are legal, that can make a FLA except Macromedia products. Flash can import SWF's just as other apps have limited swf import abilities.

Pencil Sharpener
11-16-2000, 03:51 PM
Thank you very much!

11-23-2000, 12:43 PM
there is a program named "SWF browser" by grooveware multimedia. It can open swf, showing inner graphics, sounds, etc.
it can also save the hidden movies.
you have to save it first,then importing in a new fla file. you will see the whole fla get reconstruited in the timeline! amazing. It's also a small program, and free with some restrictions.
write me back if you need some more help.
see you

Pencil Sharpener
11-27-2000, 01:05 PM
ottoweb2000it -

I checked out http://www.grooveware.com and could find no reference to an SWF browser. Am I looking in the right place? The software sounds fantastic!

Thank you very much!

- Pencil Sharpener

11-28-2000, 06:26 AM
I'm sorry!
the url was wrong. the right one is: http://www.swifftools.com/stools/
let me know if useful

Pencil Sharpener
11-28-2000, 01:57 PM

Thanks! I tried it out on one file, read the linked Macromedia page regarding restrictions, too. Not sure how useful it's going to be on it's own, but may work out well if I extract a .swf layer by layer using the previous software I mentioned. Great to be able to get at the images, too.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Hope you have a headache-free day.

- Pencil Sharpener

11-28-2000, 04:37 PM
I don't know if this will help you or not but last year at the first Flash forward conference there was a guy that had an app that would rip an swf file into a flattened fla file. It kept all of the key frame info etc. The ***** is that the file gets flattened. I can't remember who it was that showed it off or what it was called. I lost my notes so I can't go back and look it up either. Perhaps someone else that was there will remember and pass the info along to you.

Pencil Sharpener
11-28-2000, 04:44 PM
wjohns2 -

Sounds like it has capabilities similiar to the SWF Browser software. Thanks.

- Pencil Sharpener