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06-03-2004, 02:09 PM
Hi friends
I need a software that converts the result ActionScript Drawing API in our swf file (such az lineTo ,curveTo,...) to a vector file such az ai(adobe illustrator) .eps ,....
Is a software that can do this? :confused: :confused:


06-05-2004, 12:50 PM
yes, there kinda is. It's actually a bit of a hack, but in most cases it works pretty well. You will need to have a postscript printer driver installed on your computer (you don't actually need a postscript printer, justs the driver). All you have to do is while the file is running select print and print using the postscript printer option. In the options for the printer somewhere you can select to save as a file. There you can select pdf or postscript (and sometimes eps). Choose postscript or eps. This will save it with all of the vector lines and can be opened in Illustrator. One thing to note transparencies and gradients don't work with the postscript driver because of the way they are defined. Although you can save them as pdfs which will create 150dpi images for you.
I actually did my thesis on this concept of using Flash as a way to make you own design tools. You can check it out at www.supposedesign.com click on the "suppose" link. There are 3 different tools I created that you can interact and play with. If you look in the gallery you can see what I designed using the tools I created. Let me know what you think.

06-07-2004, 09:07 AM
Just thanx