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06-26-2000, 09:43 AM
I hav a problem here, that is, about the above title. CAN moderater please or anyone, please HELP ME!!!!!!

06-26-2000, 01:19 PM
As fare as i know, Flash is not capable of importing mp3-files.
However you can import a regular wav-file, and then tell Flash to use the mp3-format when it compresses the final swf-file.
Just make a loping movieclip with your wav-file inside it,
and place it in the main movie. This will make the loop of sound go on and on forever.
Consider making an on/off button, that tells the MC to either go to and stop in an empty frame in the MC (this way telling it to shut up), ore to go to and play the frame were your wav begins (telling it to play).

I'm no sound-shark, but this is what i'd do...


06-26-2000, 07:32 PM
Flash does not import mp3
but there is a 3rd party software tool that does
that works with flash

I don't remember the name of it as i don't use it.
pope de flash would know.

read peo's message for more information
if you have not allready.

I will try and find out the name of that program for ya.