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07-09-2004, 02:16 PM
Hello there,

I am a DJ and in my spare time turn my hand to design as I love it. I have been asked by the nightclub that I work in to take some photos and put them on to their main plasma screens in the club "No problems" i said. Great they said what else can you do...before I knew it I had been talked in to quite a big project which sounded easy enough and now I come to thik of it I cant figure out a way to do it!! well...not yet anyway.

Basically, they want me to take the pictures, then edit them down with the persons name on them. Then put them up on to the screens along with all the others that I will take thoughout the night. Sounds simple! Trouble is that I only have one pc that can run flash and has an rgb out to go to the screens with. this was a nightmare on the first night as i kept having to stop the flash movie to work on the images and then put them back in to it again.

The solution I now kind of have is to do thids dynamically. By this I mean that I would need two pc's both networked. The one could run the main flash movie and the other could pull the images and the text from a folder on the hard drive and place them within the movie. That way I dont have to stop it running (as it also has other adverts on it for the club). So, what I would do would be to number my images 0001, 0002, 0003 after editing them on pc 1 and then when they are edited down then save them to a folder on pc 2 called "images" then i would write the names and slogans for the images ina text file and save that in to a folder on pc2.

What I want is for the images to then appear and the slogans to appear over the top of the images using random effects.

sounds easy when i write it like that but i am not great with flash and i am wondering someone can help me with the basics of laying this out please...any help would be greatly appreciated!!