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06-27-2000, 12:14 AM
i'm putting together a portfolio for the university that i am apply to (UBC in British Columbia). In my portfolio there was a movie that i wanted to include, a 280 meg AVI file. the conditions that i want to keep are

1. i want the portfolio to run in the stand alone player
2. i wanted the avi to run as a seperate program, if possible. in another window or with an external player such as windows media player.

i cannot do the frame by frame movie thingie because the movie is way over 3000 frames and it makes flash very unstable. if there is anything that i can do, i'd appreciate suggestions. i have also converted the AVI file to quicktimes MOV files. i also am having trouble making it play, as the frame by frame instructions that i am given at flash.com do not work. help!

Pope de Flash
06-27-2000, 12:32 AM
How would you like to put the AVI right in the standalone program? Place it anywhere on the screen you want? make it scale to fit any screen its viewed on? well you can do all this with a little program called JAVI by http://www.***********.com I use it all the time for CD's that I do. It works great and Makes the project come off just right. Hope this helps, Regards, Bill