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07-27-2004, 12:05 PM
Is anyone aware of any documentation for the Pocket PC components provided by Macromedia? I'm attempting to adapt a flash application I developed with Flash MX 2004 for use on the Pocket PC. I'm having some trouble though since it appears that the Pocket PC components provided by Macromedia use different methods and properties than the ones built-in to Flash MX 2004. I've searched for some documetation with Google as well as on the Macromedia site with no luck.

The specific problem I'd like to solve is a simple reset button for a series of combo boxes and check boxes. With the MX 2004 components the code just zeroes the values like so:

combobox.selectedIndex = 0;
checkbox.selected = false;

This doesn't work with the Pocket PC components. Does anyone know an eqivalent way of accomplishing this with these components?


07-28-2004, 04:34 PM
To answer my own question, or the specific problem I was having anyway (I still have no idea where one might find documentation for the Pocket PC components), the following code works in place of the code I posted above that works for Flash MX 2004 components:


I had to dig around in the actionscript of the components to figure it out. Why on earth Macromedia can't be bothered to document this stuff is beyond me.