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08-18-2004, 09:44 PM

Can I do this with Flash? Would there be anyone out there willing to consult, for fee ($) on this project, that truly knows ActionScript?

I develop softare for disabled kids.

The program I am trying to 'port' over to PPC (PocketPC), Windows Mobile 2003, is a program that I have used for Autistic kids for almost 20 years. I wrote it in Director and have updated it to Director 7 over the years. It is called Point To Pictures.

Autistic kids usually don't speak. But they can be taught to point to pictures to indicate desires, needs, etc. In other words, a computerized device can be used to augment their communication (or in this case, their *lack* of communication). The field is called Augmentative Communication (it's a sub-field of my own, which is named Assistive Technology). I am quite well known in my field (just go to Google and type my name in, RJ Cooper, and you'll get, literally, tens of thousands of hits, most to me

In an Aug. Comm. program, we usually put up a screen with a number of pictures indicating categories (food, school, entertainment, etc). These pictures would be JPEGs and the teacher/parent would be able to choose what pics, from a library I provide, go where and how many.

Once a pic is touched (Food), a Wave file would be played ("Food", that picture is shown full screen with a second Wave played ("I'd like something to eat, please"), and then the screen would change to the group of pictures associated with that category (ex: if they touch food, then 8 foods appear). When they touch their desired food, a wave is played ("eggs"), that pic is displayed full size, and a second wave is played ("I'd like some eggs, please.") On this second (or third) screen, one of the buttons can jump back a screen.

There also needs to be a setup program so that a teacher/parent can choose the pics, record the sounds, for the user to interact with.

Can I do this with Flash? Would there be anyone out there willing to consult, for fee ($) on this project, that truly knows ActionScript?


08-23-2004, 04:37 PM
Yes you could do it in flash.
Most of it is very straight forward.
the only item which may be complicated is allowing the parent or teacher to set it up with their own pictures and make their own sounds.
Certainly not impossible just needs a little more thought than I can give it in a few minutes ;-)

My partner teaches prescholers with autism for Minneapolis public schools, so I know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

I would be interested in working on this. I am not an actionscript super expert, but very competent.
You can see an exampe of my work, the flash entirely coded and designed by me here

Mark Gason

08-24-2004, 12:56 AM
Hi MGMason,

I would love to see what you come up with. My direct email is rjc@rjcooper.com.

Website is rjcooper.com.

Cool Frampton site!