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08-31-2004, 03:08 PM
If anyone has time, please take a moment and test out the following SWF for Sony Clie. I've tested this on TH-55 but not on other supported devices.

Abadja Rhythm for Sony CLIE vs 1.0 (free download). Interact with an African percussion esemble, and learn about West African drumming music.

Support for the following Sony CLIE devices:

* TH 55
* UX 40,50
* TG 50
* NZ 90
* NX 60,70V,73V,80V

Web version:

Download (217kb):

Use Data Import-Export to install in MMFlash directory of memory stick. Lauch Flash from Applications and select file to view.

I am particularly interested in any buggy behavior, sound sync problems, or interface awkwardness that you might find.

By the way this should work fine for PocketPC too, though the text may seem a bit small due to down scaling on 240 x 320 screen size.

Thanks for any help.