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11-22-2000, 08:22 PM
hi, please help me!!!!!
i'm currently developing a large website in flash 4...and have to implement search, index, sitemap, guestbook, chat and forum/pinboard. this is a pain in the neck in flash... so i'm thinking about putting the whole stuff into 2 frames (html), the lower one would contain the swf movie with the navigation, the upper one - the content movies, -- this doesn't work right now!!
i have to link from the navigation-swf movie buttons to the right swf movies (as published html files)to be loaded into the upper frame. theoretically this sounds logical, but i don't know where to set the specification for the target frame (upper frame).
you can view the rouh version of the flash (just the structure and text content, no animations yet) site at:

who can help me??? i'd appreciate it!