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10-08-2004, 02:55 PM
Hi there
I have recently built www.jongurd.com and after lots of chats with the guy im doing it for have decided to start again,,,,,,,,but im stuck

We like the feel for the site www.meatkatie.com. So my question is, can anyone here help out with ideas like this? really clean looking?

10-09-2004, 07:05 AM
The thing to remember is that you're trying to encompass a mood that goes with the content your website covers.

The classic approach to this would be to put together mood boards; this basically means you take images, textures, text, colour and so on from anywhere you can find and stick it all to a board (your mood board).
As you build up more things onto the board you can gradually build a better picture of the style that you should be aiming for.

What sort of things should you be sticking to the mood board?
We'll that's exactly the point in a way; you're trying to build a collage of things that you would associate with the content of the site.
What ideas does the artist's name, music, personal style, background etc. conjure up?

Look through magazines, surf the net for images, find any bits of stuff (including physical things) that when you come across them you think 'yeah, this is the same sort of style as...'.

Once you've put together the mood board, you'll get a clearer idea of the direction you should be heading in and be able to work out a visual style, font and colour model that suits the mood of the site.

Remember, you may feel a bit stupid doing it; but it doesn't matter! Just enjoy yourself doing something you don't even have to really think about.
This all sounds a bit arty farty, but it really is the only way to successfully come up with a style that fits when you're stuck for ideas.