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10-23-2004, 08:20 PM
I saw the beta version of the mobile video player called "MMS Video Player", it's part of the products range from an european company who is ready to be the only competitor of real on mobile devices. That player can play: mp4, rm, quicktime, asf, wmv and some other formats (I don't remeber all now), also can play a new vectorial file format resembled to flash (but not exactly), as far as I know that people have a pluging to you can use from flash editor and export your movies to the right vectorial format they are usign it , I saw, I insist I saw it!!!!! and I saw how they export a flash movie from the editor and make the conversion and you know what mit works in any symbian phone (and some others not symbian).
They solved the main problem of realone that can have enough power to play flash files, they work usually with 14 to 17 fps files and it works WONDWERFULLY in a basic smart phone like Nokia 3650
On next days I'll have access to one copy of MMS Video Player (for Nokia 60's and 70's seriesand I post the url to you dowload here ).
OOh!! one more thing and I tell you the last one because it's the best one. MMS Video Player can plays FULL movies by GPRS with a INCREDIBLE QUALITY, RealOne is dead. I have a friend involved and he was waching a full movie streaming live on cincinnatti area while his wife driving the car and streaming by GPRS was PERFECT.

Probably now you're thinking I'm a stupid lier or just wanna make joke with this topic, then I just please all you keep tuned and I will be pleased to pass you the copy of the player, I'm sure you couldn't believe it when you see it... I think all that are good news for flashers

11-21-2004, 03:48 AM
Hi mottomoyoi

some news about this topic?

It sounds great.