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11-14-2004, 07:03 AM
I've just been brought in on the design team of a touch screen authorware app that runs on kiosks in airports and tourist information centers. Its a big hairy monster. It features route planning and tourist info but also commercial ads which are basically small stand alone sites within the app. Also there is a sort of yellow pages like directory within the program. Basically there's 4 little worlds within this thing that need to have coherent identity/interface and at the same time allow these commercial ad "sites" to be individualized. There's a lot of disparate elements to coordinate visually. The back end is up and running and is not a problem.

One thing that i wanted to add were on click button states. The programmer thought that this was a silly idea for a touch screen kiosk. I think it would be fine and of course no problem create using flash.

One specific problem is how much flash can i get away with here? I mean I suppose one extreme is just to use authorware
as a giant container that is populated by full screen swfs. I want to get as much interactivity as the content will allow in here maybe even sound at some point.

Right now the project is not utilizing flash a whole lot, the authorware container just calls up jpegs and small simple swfs files from a database.

Im looking for general advice in the area of touch screen application design. I've only used a handful of kiosks and they always seem to be designed primarily by programmers and always appear. Of course usability and simplification of the navigation structure is essential but i want these things to be humane as well.

Also I'm looking for technical resources that deal with using flash in conjunction with authorware.