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07-01-2000, 08:45 PM
i purchased swift 3d couldnt find any tutorials let alone any real use for the program in comparison with other 3d programs that i have run across, after i purchased the program and downloaded it online when i clicked on the button that said owners manual, they wanted to charge me another $139.00,,, oh well a its a $139.00 mistake i guess..

Pope de Flash
07-01-2000, 11:28 PM
Do I dare ask the question? Have you contacted electric rain yet? If you do they will get you the manual. You should have had a copy in the install of the program. If you check your program from the start menu path you should find a pdf file that says users manual.

Now you say you can find no real use for the program compared to other 3D programs that you have used. My question is, before you purchased the program did you read what kind of solution it was? The whole point of the program is to produce vector based 3D animation. It does what it says and it does it well. It is also the only Vector solution that lets you animate as well as model in it. I agree that the modeling environment needs serious work, but there is nothing else out there that lets you do the drop and drag animation like this product. If I were you I would give them a call or email them. Visit the web site at http://www.swift3d.com Regards, Bill
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