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12-02-2000, 12:59 AM
Is there any koolmoves files to customize?
like .fla or .swi ???
Thanks Brian

12-02-2000, 12:55 PM
If you mean what is its native format then it is .FUN

You must purchase Kool Moves to create .FUN files.

The Trial version will allow you to create .SWF and and .BMP

SWF's are not editable by Kool Moves and the .SWF's created with the trial version can be imported into Flash or Insane Flash Animator (Those are the only 2 that import SWF's and allow you to edit them at this time I believe) but cannot be edited. When you purchase Kool Moves the protection from the SWF's goes away and the SWF's produced from it can be edited.

Bob Hartzell
12-08-2000, 04:21 PM
I believe I removed swf protection for unregistered and registered versions.