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07-02-2000, 11:55 PM

i am really beginner in manipulating sounds, so if anyone could help me...

i have a web site and i would like to play a small part of a music in my intro (if possible i would like it to loop until the introduction is not over).
i need to know what kind of audio format would be better to use in flash 4, an if i need to make the loop in flas or in an audio editor.

i also have another problem, there is a section im my website that i will show a cd and i would like to play some samples of the musics om my cd. is flash a good software to do this or should i use something different? I was wondering if the user has to wait for 20 sec of six tracks in wav to load he will give up. can i just load the tracks on demand?

what is this rmf format? is it really samller than anything else? does the user nedds a special softeware to listen to the musics?



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07-03-2000, 06:38 PM
create all your audio files as ADPCM 16bit 44.1khz stereo
.wav files
then edit them down to 22khz 16 bit mono
and import them into Flash

Then set the Sound properties to
MP3 64kbps Fast Mono

As far as the 6 songs on your cd
i have a way i which you can use flash to stream
mp3's that are contained in seperate .swf files.

Also there is a great mp3 player in the movie section here at Flash kit.

Another thing you could check into is Beatnik


So it's up to you now...what you want to do.

07-03-2000, 07:10 PM

thanks that was very usefull. regarding the way you said that is possible to stream audio with flash, is it here somewhere?



07-03-2000, 10:19 PM
read to post
How to stream mp3 using flash - by jydnas

If you want i will send you my example.


07-04-2000, 11:52 AM

jydnas if you could semd me your example it would be grate



Steve Zytariuk
07-04-2000, 01:35 PM
Good to know :)